Engine Calibration and Set-up Kit

Function: To remove balance pulley or to set up timing alignment

A.B TDC Indicators

  • The sliding indicator to display the piston movement.
  • 1mm graduation marks to 50mm.
  • Extended model 10.5".
  • Only can use on Hemi-Type engines.
  • Manual use only and make sue the ignition is turned off before use.

C.D. Compression Whistle Alert

  • Use on the Hemi-type engines.
  • Easily find the TDC compression stroke.
  • Just listen on the whistle alert.

E. Adapter 12 mm spark plug hole

F. Adapter 18 mm spark plug hole

G. Crank stop tool

  • Ignition is turned off.
  • Manual use only.
  • Make sure the valves are not open before use.

H. Gauge Indicated (optional assembly)

  • Give you unmistakably clear result to display piston movement


This tool is manufactured by Orient River Inc. . This video is shot by Orient River Inc., any copy or alteration of the content are strictly not allowed. The tool is used to remove balance pulley or to set up timing alignment. Video is to show how this kit works and to make your job easiler by using OR-715. To find out more, just contact us now. Email: or@orient-river.com.tw